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The Falstaff Vampire Files

The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne MurrayThe Falstaff Vampire Files
by Lynne Murray

September 2011

Sir John Falstaff — undead & misbehaving in San Francisco

Original trade paperback  282 pp ISBN 9781597190381 $18.95 | Adobe PDF, ePub & Mobipocket ebook ISBN 9781597190398 $4.99 |

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Psychologist Kris Marlowe doesn’t believe in vampires, until a silver-tongued rogue rises out of a coffin at dusk, introduces himself as Sir John Falstaff, and hypnotizes her into letting him taste her blood.

Kris’s best friend Vi, who writes vampire romances, jumps at the chance to interview a real vampire. Fellow psychologist and paranormal cult expert Bram von Helsing also would love to meet an actual vampire. Kris remains skeptical, thinking she’s just encountered one of San Francisco’s many sanity-challenged individuals.

Then in an attack of spine-tingling horror a horde of murderous monsters descend on the San Francisco neighborhood. Faced with creatures that kill with a single glance, Kris and everyone she cares about must fight for their lives. But how?

In this dark fantasy with urban paranormal attitude, the only chance of survival for Kris and her friends is to seek help from the biggest bad boy in tavern-haunting history, who once drank ale and now drinks only blood—Sir John Falstaff, undead and misbehaving in San Francisco.

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Praise for The Falstaff Vampire Files

“In modern-day San Francisco, Sir John Falstaff, the charming rogue made famous by Shakespeare in his play Henry V, is a centuries-old vampire who has lost none of his captivating manner. Murray (Bride of the Living Dead) combines rich storytelling with humor to spin a fun, exciting tale.”

Library Journal

“Can you really take Shakespeare and Stoker and create something original? This book does! Although novices to the vampire and vampiric parody fields will find the work a laugh-a-minute, people who have some familiarity with Dracula and works of Shakespeare will find this even more wonderful. Written in Dracula’s journal style, but updated, the work name-drops like no one’s business, is clever and punny, as well as extremely aware of  the meta nature of vampiric literature. In addition, it adds new elements to the vampire mythos.

Fresh Fiction

‘Bring us your tired, your poor, your correctly bitten humans…

“It isn’t often that popular fiction can be favorably compared with works of great literature, but Lynne Murray has created one that will be. But The Falstaff Vampire Files is far more than just a clever tale. In these pages, Shakespearean strands wind threads that taste like Stoker, then twist ’round bright strings of tragic betrayal, dramatic speech, tender love, and comedic relief in just the right pattern. Falstaff documents three women’s discovery of vampires in San Francisco. Instead of following a trite script or relying on cutout characters, however, Ms. Murray’s story is refreshingly sweet. The truth is that I could not put it down,
and I am certain that these characters will linger in my imagination for the foreseeable future. It’s easily the best book I’ve read this year—or last—and it deserves a prominent spot on every woman’s—everyone’s—bookshelf.”

Lauri J Owen
author of Fallen Embers & Blowing Embers
Books One & Two of The Embers Series

“WOW! Clear the decks before you start Lynne Murray’s new novel The Falstaff Vampire Files, because you’re simply not going to want to put it down. A wonderfully fresh and original take on a genre grown somewhat stale, Murray takes us on a roller coaster ride with a no-nonsense heroine, a peripatetic coffin, and a Falstaffian vampire who is, well, Falstaff. Alternatively funny (who knew there were vampire lawyers? On second thought, it makes perfect sense!) and creepy (with truly scary entities from the spirit world that will have you peeking carefully around the curtains when things go bump in the night), with a little sexy romance thrown in for good measure, you’re going to hate to see this story end. But when it does end, do yourself a big favor and check out Murray’s earlier novels as well—beginning with Larger Than Death.
You won’t be disappointed.

John Miller
author of Jackson Street and Other Soldier Stories
(Winner, California Book Award for First Fiction)
Coyote MoonTropical Heat

“There is ample fun to be found in The Falstaff Vampire Files, which posits a cozy alliance of San Francisco humans and vampires against a far more evil force which equally terrifies them both. Lynne Murray’s subtle, generous sense of humor and deft characterization skills result in a cast readers will feel happy having spent time with, particularly the vampire of the title, a refugee from Shakespearean times who turns out, in his own unkempt and boisterous way, to be every lonely single woman’s fondest dream.”

Andrew Fox
author of Fat White Vampire Blues,
Bride of the Fat White Vampire
The Good Humor Man: Or, Calorie 3501

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