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Fat Poets Speak 3 front coverFat Poets Speak 3: FatDance Flying

The third volume in the groundbreaking Fat Poets Speak series edited by Frannie Zellman. The poets write about their joys, sorrows, anger, and pleasures living in a world that constantly tries to reject and inhibit fat people. Featuring “The Days of Fat Lilith,” Zellman’s series of poems celebrating fat goddesshood.

Flying On Invisible Wings by Felix GarmendiaFlying on Invisible Wings by Félix Garmendía

Felix Garmendia‘s poems narrate his life as a gay activist in the face of illness and intolerance, from his early years in conservative Catholic Puerto Rico of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s to his arrival in Manhattan, New York City ion 1988, his experiences as an HIV+ survivor, and current disability due to Inclusion Body Myositis.

If We Were Snowflakes by Barbara D'SouzaIf We Were Snowflakes by Barbara D’Souza

Barbara D’Souza‘s young adult novel is set in a U.S. in which chocolate is a controlled substance and fatness is taxed. A teenage girl tries to find out who turned her father in for trafficking chocolate while she deals with the challenges of FatSchool.