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Fire Island and Their Sister

Fire Island and Their Sister by Felix Garmendia front coverFire Island and Their Sister
Félix Garmendía

April 2023

Original trade paperback $16.95 | 108 pp | ISBN: 9781597191012
Ebook $6.99 | ISBN: 9781597191029

In his third book of poetry, Félix Garmendía celebrates the popular LGBTQ+ vacation destinations of Fire Island and commemorates Titania, a trans woman of Manhattan.

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What a long, stirring ride it has been!

In his first book, Flying on Invisible Wings, Félix lives parts of his lonely childhood, journeys to the USA, becomes triumphantly accepted. Contracts HIV, hangs on, HIV becomes undetectable. Finds everlasting love, gets married. Then, as if daring him to stay happy, IBM—Inclusion Body Myositis— lands him in a wheelchair. He continues to live and love with his husband in Washington/Hudson Heights in Manhattan, and finds his poetic voice.

Félix’s second book, Poems of Reckoning and Hope, explores his neighborhood, the pandemic, and January 6 and its ramifications. Yet he continues to hold out the possibility of hope through the USA’s dire reckoning.

Now, in his third book, Fire Island and Their Sister, Félix sails out to Fire Island. Then we meet Titania, trans woman of Manhattan.

As we read Félix’s loving and detailed poems about both, we enter the next stage of his life. And we cheer his deep and unquestionable support for and celebration of the people he knows and loves best.

PRAISE for Félix’s poetry

Winner, 2022 Rainbows in Chariots Award
for outstanding LGBT cultural contributions from those with different abilities
“for making beautiful rainbow contributions to photography and poetry;
for confirming those LGBT cultural workers in wheelchairs, prostheses for arms or legs,
those who are blind or deaf, or have other disabilities
are indeed major pioneers of LGBT culture and heroes of our time;
for confirming that LGBT culture is a mighty weapon
against homophobia, intolerance, ignorance, invisibility and silence;
and for proving the fact that when the colors of the rainbow are stretched over
geographic and psychological barriers, they grow not weaker but more brilliant
for any one willing to look up to the sky.”
Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture warriors)
& the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN)

“Félix paints entire stories with his poetry. His artistry shines through his poetry
and shares a life story that is ongoing, creative and often painful….
In a world where much is not right, it is a better place for having someone like Félix in it,
sharing his life with all of us through his art of language.”
Pattie Thomas, Ph.D.
sociology professor, College of Southern Nevada
co-author of Taking Up Space

“A life intensively lived, an endless stream of emotional states,
melancholic wanderings of the acute consciousness owned by Félix.
He becomes the poem of our lives. He transforms extremes into magic.
An immense task accomplished by an immense heart.”
Rosabel Otón Olivieri
actress, director,
professor of theater studies
at the University of Puerto Rico

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