Romance, adventure, suspense, magical realism & literary fiction come in all sizes and ages in the books below. Click on the titles for more information. Enjoy!

Under the Pomegranate Tree by Leslie MoiseUnder the Pomegranate Tree
by Leslie Moïse

In ancient Ammon, a sheltered young woman fleeing her rich and powerful father’s plans for her marriage is thrust into a violent world in which her only tools — or weapons — are her knowledge of plants and healing.


If We Were Snowflakes by Barbara D'Souza

If We Were Snowflakes
by Barbara D’Souza

In a U.S. in which chocolate is a controlled substance and fatness is taxed, a teenage girl tries to find out who turned her father in for trafficking chocolate while she deals with the challenges of FatSchool.




by Leslie Moïse

In the ancient middle East a pious, wealthy widow risks her life to save her town from a besieging army. Based on the apocryphal Book of Judith.



Fatropolis by Tracey L. Thompson

by Tracey L. Thompson

Most of her life Jenny has felt she’s not good enough, not attractive enough, because she’s fat. Then one day she stumbles through a portal between a world that values thinness and one that values roundness. Sometimes falling can wake you up.


Syd Arthur by Ellen Frankel

Syd Arthur
by Ellen Frankel

A middle-aged Jewish woman living in the cloistered world of suburbia has been convinced happiness can be obtained by a magic number on the bathroom scale, but one day finds herself wondering if there might be something more.


The Singing of Swans A Novel by Mary SaracinoHeretics: A Love Story

The Singing of Swans | Heretics: A Love Story
by Mary Saracino

TSOS  A lake speaks. A woman flies through rooftops. A Black Madonna painting bursts into flames. And a contemporary American woman reclaims her fractured life. |  HALS   In the 1480s twin sister healers in a remote village in the mountainous Barbagia region of Sardinia encounter a heretic-obsessed Spanish priest.

Once Upon Another TimeAdam & EvelynASAP Nanny A Novella by Pat BallardDangerous Love by Pat BallardThe Best Man by Pat BallardAbigail's Revenge by Pat BallardA Worthy Heir by Pat Ballard

His Brother's Child by Pat Ballard

Nobody's Perfect by Pat Ballard

Wanted: One Groom by Pat Ballard




Dangerous Curves Ahead Short Stories by Pat Ballard







Once Upon Another Time | Adam & Evelyn | ASAP Nanny: A Novella | Dangerous Love | The Best Man | Abigail’s Revenge | A Worthy Heir | His Brother’s Child | Nobody’s Perfect | Wanted: One Groom | Dangerous Curves Ahead: Short Stories
by Pat Ballard

OUAT A time traveling tale from the Queen of Rubenesque Romances.  | A&E  Evelyn Carmichael hoped to start a new life in Nashville with her 4-year-old daughter, far away from her abusive ex-husband, and without the help of any man on earth. Then she met Pastor Adam Singletary.  |  DL  A curvaceous lab technician is threatened after seeing questionable research, and must deal with a charming LAPD detective as well as those who want her dead. |  TBM  Sparks fly the night Lana meets to plan her sister’s wedding — and not just because she announces she’s stopped dieting and doesn’t carte if she’s fat as maid of honor. She attracts the attention of the groom’s best man.  |  AR  Injustice, romance and suspense smolder in a small Southern town. A young woman framed for her father’s murder is released from prison and seeks revenge on the people who stole 10 years of her life.  |  AWH  A newspaper ad for “a worthy heir” leads a young woman to the owner of the company that fired her brother after a job injury. All Pam wants is help for her brother, but sparks fly when the handsome jilted heir returns home.  |  HBC  One party, one silver-tongued stranger, and Faith winds up betrayed, alone, and pregnant. When Edward shows up to right his brother’s wrongs — and falls in love — will her battered self esteem allow her to see the truth?  |  NP Nella agrees to marry an arrogant man who needs a mother for his young son in order to keep her childhood home. He’s never been attracted to plus size women, so they won’t be tempted to have a real relationship — they think.  | |  WOG Hanna must marry by her 30th birthday or lose her home and inheritance. Her brother arranges marriage to the has-been rock star who was her teenage idol. |  DCA  Ten romantic tales pack suspense and sizzle into this collection of short stories all featuring big beautiful heroines — and more than one big handsome hero.

The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne MurrayBride of the Living Dead by Lynne MurrayLarger Than Death by Lynne MurrayLarge Target by Lynne MurrayAt Large by Lynne MurrayA Ton of Trouble by Lynne Murray






The Falstaff Vampire Files | Bride of the Living Dead
Josephine Fuller Mysteries: Larger Than Death (Book 1), Large Target (Book 2), At Large (Book 3), A Ton of Trouble (Book 4)
by Lynne Murray

TFVF Sir John Falstaff is undead and misbehaving in San Francisco.  |  BOTLD  When family drama hijacks the engagement of a big, beautiful and rebellious film critic, she’s trapped into a formal wedding planned by her perfectionist, anorexic sister. Romantic comedy.  |   LTD Meet Josephine Fuller, a sleuth of size who doesn’t apologize. Jo takes time off from her new job checking out potential charities for an eccentric socialite and walks into a murder scene.  |  LT  Jo runs ito trouble while investigating do-gooders in San Diego.  |  AL  A king-sized case for a queen-sized sleuth. Jo finds herself a major suspect in the death of the woman who broke up her marriage.  |  ATOT  Jo grapples with murder in the California wine country, a gun-toting would-be client, and plus-size porn.

FatLand by Frannie ZellmanFatLand The Early Days by Frannie ZellmanFatLand: A NovelFatLand: The Early Days
by Frannie Zellman

FL  Near future Pro-Health Laws have become so oppressive that people seeing freedom over their bodies have established a new country. Soon FatLanders and freedom fighters on the Other Side face forces threatening the happiness of all.  |  FLTED  Volume II of The FatLand Trilogy reveals a hidden history — and the bravery, determination, and treachery of FatLand’s founders.

Fallen Embers by Lauri J OwenBlowing Embers by Lauri J OwenThe Embers Series:
Fallen Embers (Book 1) | Blowing Embers (Book 2)
by Lauri J Owen

FE  A dog’s attack sends a fiesty attorney and her nephew catapulting into an alternate Alaska, where those who control the elements rule as nobility over the indigenous shapeshifters who cannot.  |  BE  They have broken their chains, but a water mage from the north has marched an army to retake the city. When he deals a devastating blow, can Kiera, Fire Mage, transcend her grief and save the city?

The Program by Charlie LovettThe Fat Lady Sings by Charlie Lovett

The Program | The Fat Lady Sings
by Charlie Lovett

TP  If a fledgling journalist and her friends are right, a New York weight loss clinic is doing something worse than creating an army of unnaturally thin women.  |  TFLS  Sassy, irreverent Aggie Stockdale should have gotten the lead in her high school’s musical. But she isn’t just a talented actress, writer, and athlete — she’s also the fattest girl in the senior class.

Kiss Me, Nate! by Judy Bagshaw

At Long Last, Love: A Collection by Judy BagshawKiss Me, Nate! | At Long Last, Love: A Collection
by Judy Bagshaw

KMN  Romance between a BBW teacher and a coach blooms during a Canadian community theater retelling of The Taming of the Shrew.  |  ALLL  Big beautiful — and in some cases mature — heroines grace the pages of this collection of romantic short stories.


The Giving Season by Rebecca BrockThe Giving Season
by Rebecca Brock

When a blizzard strands Jessy at a Minnesota bus stop, Michael invites her to share the holidays with his family. When they fall in love Jessy’s inner demons and his gorgeous ex-wife threaten everything she holds dear.


Measure By Measure by Rebecca Fox and William Sherman

Measure By Measure
by Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

When a rubenesque paralegal is coaxed by her boss to a dance sponsored by the Midwestern chapter of a national fat advocacy organization, the wild new romantic world throws her into a spin. A fabulously fat soap opera.


The Season of Lost Children by Karen Blomain

The Season of Lost Children
by Karen Blomain

In a small college town in Pennsylvania the lives of a bigamist’s wife, a Polish orphan, an ex-priest and his wife — a former nun — and a mute teenage runaway intersect.