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A Ton of Trouble

A Ton of Trouble by Lynne MurrayA Ton of Trouble
by Lynne Murray
Book 4 of the Josephine Fuller mystery series

June 2013

Trade paperback  210 pp ISBN 9781597190466  $15.95Adobe PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket Ebook ISBN 9781597190473 $4.99 

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In the fourth book of the Josephine Fuller mystery series, Jo visits the California wine country after getting a note from filmmaker and winery owner Wolf Lambert. She discovers a dead body in one of Wolf’s wine barrels, and her friend Thelma, a super-sized porn star, is the prime suspect.

Caught in the midst of a feud between powerful wine families in the valley, Jo also finds herself under fire from a gun-toting would-be charity client and needs to make her boyfriend understand that her involvement with the plus-size porn industry is purely innocent.

Will Jo be able to dig herself out of this Ton of Trouble

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Praise for A Ton of Trouble

(originally published in hardcover by St Martin’s Press)

“Typical good humor and panache.”
Publishers Weekly

“Frequent humor, a titillating subject matter, and crazy characters guarantee a good time
for readers of this fourth Josephine Fuller mystery.”

Library Journal

“Both size and sass…Jo’s dinner with Ambrose, the elegant gay assistant to her wealthy employer,
is itself worth the price of admission.”


A Ton of Trouble is a ton of fun.”
Midwest Book Review

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