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The Program

The Program by Charlie LovettThe Program
by Charlie Lovett

May 2008

Perfection can be deadly.

Original trade paperback | 280 pp  |  $19.95 | ISBN 9781597190138 | PDF, ePub & Mobipocket ebook $3.99 | ISBN 9781597190220

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A new weight-loss clinic in New York has an offer for you―give them $5,000 and they’ll make you as thin as a supermodel. You can eat whatever you want and you’ll never gain an ounce. Tempted? Fledgling journalist Karen Sumner would be―if only she had $5,000.

When Karen finally walks through the blue and gold doors of The Program, she’s on the trail of the hottest story of her career. If she and her friends are right, The Program is doing something even worse than creating an army of unnaturally thin women.

Will they be able to stop The Program before it’s too late?

Praise for The Program

 A lively first novel. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal

The size-positive characters are heartfelt and quirky,
the suspense keeps building and the bombshell on page 25 is not to be missed.
Lynne Murray
author of Bride of the Living Dead, The Falstaff Vampire Files,
Larger Than DeathLarge TargetAt Large & A Ton of Trouble

“The manuscript arrived just as you said it would, and I set it aside knowing I would begin reading it around the holidays. The week before Christmas I started reading and kept reading over the course of several days. We’ve had dismal weather here this season, with non-stop rain with winds and then some more rain on top of that. One Sunday our power was out for twelve hours. I read until it became too dark to see the manuscript any longer. Fortunately our gas stove still worked, so I was able to make and drink tea while I enjoyed chapter after chapter. It was the perfect weekend for curling up and reading a good book.

“I am so impressed! I stand in awe of your powers to draw stories out of the air, stories which are compelling and filled with interesting characters and written so that others will want to read them. I so enjoyed reading The Program…What talent!”

Jennifer Portnick
Fitness Trainer   

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