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Once Upon Another Time

Once Upon Another TimeOnce Upon Another Time
by Pat Ballard

December 2016

Original trade paperback $15.95 | 178 pp | ISBN: 9781597190855 |  Adobe PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket ebook $5.99 | ISBN: 9781597190862

A time traveling tale from the Queen of Rubenesque Romances.

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Candice had always thought she’d been born at the wrong time. She should have been born in the 1800s, when voluptuous women were considered beautiful. She figured that’d be the only way she’d find a man who’d appreciate her body. She’d never considered going back in time to find that man.

Until she did.

Lucas persuaded the woman he’d found passed out in his pasture to get on his horse with him, but she was talking strange again. Maybe the lick on her head was causing her to talk crazy. But he liked the way his arms snugged around her soft curves.

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