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Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love by Pat BallardDangerous Love
by Pat Ballard

June 2011

Original trade paperback 176 pp ISBN 9781597190534 $14.95 | Adobe PDF, ePub & Mobipocket Ebook ISBN 9781597190541 $4.99

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Ava Manning has allowed her heart to be broken once. Once is enough. She never intends to let anyone get close enough to hurt her again. She just wants to do her job as a lab technician at Cloneall Drugs, Inc, without any complications in her life.

But after Ava saw some research she wasn’t supposed to, someone wants her dead. And now she has to deal with the Southern talking, g-dropping, charming LAPD detective Ricky Don McKinzie.

Her life is just beginning to get complicated.

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Praise for Dangerous Love

“This fast-paced novel is a fun read with a delightful blend of romance and mystery. The author is a strong proponent of natural-sized women and understands the struggle that women face in society over body size, so it is no coincidence that this issue is effectively woven into the plot with an admirable deftness. The plot is interesting—a diet drug is being developed by a major pharmaceutical company, and the heroine Ava is a scientist in training, working on the project. She soon realizes that the drug test results are being manipulated, and then the danger starts. Interestingly, the drug test results actually show that obesity had no negative effects on one’s health, contrary to what the drug company expected—and wanted.

“This is a smartly written romance thriller. The police detective on the scene is a dreamy concoction whom we all would love to have in our lives. He is completely and utterly taken with Ava, who does not quite believe it. Well-written characters, conflicts and danger, along with a sweetly hot attraction between the couple, make this a compelling read. I found the dialogue particularly well written. All in all, this is a solid winner in genre literature.”

Nashville Cat
reader review on Amazon.com

“Happy not to have to check my brain at p. 10. At last: well developed plot, well-developed characters with quirky wit and wisdom, well-developed relationship….Good messages about body image and integrity without getting preachy. All around fun read.”

reader review on Amazon.com

“For far too long, romantic heroines have been an unrealistic size two with not a trace of cellulite or the hint of a blemish. It’s so refreshing and entertaining to finally meet a beautiful, spirited woman who’s actually not stereotypical…and not traumatized and starving on eight hundred calories a day in order to conform.

The plot, centering around falsifying research into the weight loss business, was clever, engaging and well researched—and entirely plausible. Ava, her friend and the hunky hero were all well developed characters and I enjoyed their conversations and their diversity….This is a well written, brave book, and I commend Pat Ballard for breaking new ground.

“I’m going to read all the others she’s written. You go, Pat!”

reader review on Amazon.com

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