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Blowing Embers

Blowing Embers by Lauri J OwenBlowing Embers
Book 2 of The Embers Series
by Lauri J Owen

July 2011

Original trade paperback | 268 pp | ISBN 9781597190596  $18.95 | Adobe PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket ebook ISBN 9781597190602 $8.99

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They have won. With help from Kiera, Fire Mage, the shapeshifting slaves of Fairbanks have broken their chains, and then lifted her to govern their city. But Kiera and her co-rulers struggle to integrate the former slaves and the remaining mages.

A worse threat outside Fairbanks waits to fracture the fragile peace. Governor Vrishka, the Skani Water Mage of Barrow, has marched an army from the North, and sends terms: Surrender Fairbanks and restore the Skani mages to rule, or he will raze the city and kill all the shifters. He gifts them ten turns of the sun to make their decision.

Halfway through the armistice a devastating blow steals all hope for Fairbanks’ victory, and crushes Kiera’s heart. Can she summon the strength to transcend her grief and find a way to defeat Vrishka? If so, what price is she willing to pay? Five days—and a city—await her decision.

Welcome to the Alternate Alaska, where those born with the power to control the elements rule as nobility over those who cannot. For now.

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Fallen Embers (Book 1)

Praise for Blowing Embers

Blowing Embers is impossible to put down. The deeply moving love story is woven into the fast-paced action from the first page to the satisfying finale. The second in Lauri J Owen’s Embers trilogy is set in the magic-driven Alternate Alaska introduced in Fallen Embers. Kiera, an abundant and resourceful heroine, faces overwhelming threats to the fragile peace won at the end  of the first book. The reader follows her from the heights of rapturous love  to the depths of total despair. The mages and their armies attack, seeking to capture Kiera as a prize of war, to twist her magical gifts to their own purposes, and to re-enslave the indigenous population of shape shifters she has freed. The only hope of survival for Kiera is to master her own magic and the art of leadership in war at breakneck speed. Vivid characters, intricate world building and sharp twists and turns of plot make Blowing Embers an absorbing and satisfying tale.”

Lynne Murray
author of
Bride of the Living Dead, The Falstaff Vampire Files
& the Josephine Fuller mystery series:
Larger Than Death, Large Target, At Large,
A Ton of Trouble

 “Intense & passionate, full of stunning twists & turns, this riveting story of a magical alternate Alaska will stay with you long after you reach the last page.”

Juniper Bell
author of Restraining the Receptionist

“In Fallen Embers, Ms. Owen created a world that readers will never forget. In Blowing Embers, Book Two in this extraordinary tale, the stakes are even higher. With nothing short of her entire future on the line, Kiera will either step up to her role or the fate of her entire kingdom will end before it has even begun.

“Owen writes like a pro. Flawlessly moving her readers through high stakes emotions that leave them glued to every word, it is clear that Owen is a writing tour de force that will take the publishing industry by storm. Her characters are quite literally unforgettable. I cried and laughed over and over again. I really believe that long after you have finished Blowing Embers, you will still be thinking about it and anxiously awaiting Book Three. It is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Rebecca Royce
author of the Westervelt Wolves series

“Dare to step once more into Lauri J Owen’s alternate Alaska, and become ensnared in the mire of politics, dark magic and a sorrow that will rip your heart in two. Take your stand against the overwhelming forces on a whirlwind march that seems to lead only to deeper despair and loss, to stinking pits where death is the only escape and ask yourself, as does Kiera: Do I have the strength to carry on? For only strength and love can save her now, and those who follow her for the sake of freedom from slavery, even when it seems all hope is lost.”

Pippa Jay
author of Keir—Beyond Redemption

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