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Tracey L. Thompson was born and raised in southern California and now resides in northern Virginia. She is a wife and the mother of five children.

After overcoming domestic violencedivorcesingle motherhood and low self-esteem, she went on to earn a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in marriage & family therapy from Chapman University, and now has written a novel that sheds light on the issue of weight discrimination in a fun and fanciful way.

Fatropolis is the alternative history, paranormal romantic adventure of a young fat woman with low self esteem who falls into another world where fat people lead happy, normal, guilt-free lives.

In the last twelve years Tracey has made a living at social work for hospice, working with at-risk youth and their families, training military families about aspects of resiliency, and now social work at the community level assisting needy families and the homeless. Her interests include spending time with her family, spiritual pursuits, playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading, writing, knitting, scrapbooking, movies, and music.

Praise for Fatropolis

“Welcome to Fatropolis, where to be ‘hearty’ is to be desirable and sought after—where food makers are valued and war mongers are nonexistent. Welcome to Fatropolis, where to eat and drink is fraught with fun, not with sin.  

“In a few places in Manhattan, with the help of miniature carved stone goddesses, one can pass through the portals between a world that values thinness and Fathattan, in Fatropolis, a world that values roundness.

“All her life Jenny has been told that she is not good enough, not attractive enough, because she is fat. While shopping for a gown for the key social event of the company for which she works, Jenny stumbles through a portal into a different country and a different dimension. Suddenly her round beauty is appreciated, she is fawned and fought over by men, and women are happy to befriend her.

“Through her journeys to Fatropolis Jenny learns to value her body and herself and to stand up for what she believes and intuitively honors. But most of all, as Fatropolis gives her a second lease on life, Jenny learns what it is to love herself, to love life, and to love.”

Frannie Zellman
author of FatLand

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