Rebecca Fox & William Sherman
authors of
Measure By Measure
June 15, 2009

 Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

Listen to a 50-minute mp3 recording of publisher Peggy Elam, Ph.D. chatting with
Becky & Bill about Measure By Measure & their writing process.

Measure By Measure media kit (color PDF)
[Book flyer, excerpt, press release & authors' bio]

Measure By Measure
 book flyer (color PDF) |
 Measure By Measure press release (color PDF) | Measure By Measure excerpt (color PDF) | Measure By Measure authors' info (color PDF)

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Authors' Measure By Measure book website

 Pearlsong Press blog posts about Measure By Measure

Pearlsong Press blog posts about Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

Measure By Measure by Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

PRAISE for Measure By Measure

"This complex and fast-moving romantic adventure is filled with engaging, deftly rendered characters, suspense, humor, intrigue and poignancy: all the best a really good soap opera has to offer. During my savoring of the saga I lost track of the number of times I read aloud to others one of its apt insights, delightful phrasings or evocative descriptions. You may recognize people you have known (and perhaps yourselves) among its cast. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of these folks. I certainly hope not: I want to know what happens to them next! A sequel, please?"
Michael Markwell
San Francisco, CA

"...a lengthy but engaging story that lives up to its promise of being a soap opera in prose....The characters and plot show that within any culture lies the capacity to hate, malign, ostracize, and stigmatize....this is a totally unique type of story that I found both fascinating and very personal....It's real in its honesty about relationships and being fat, and gives those of us who have been there a nod in mainstream media."
Robin Kavanaugh



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