Measure By Measure by Rebecca Fox & William ShermanMeasure By Measure
Rebecca Fox & William Sherman
June 15, 2009

Original trade paperback $25.00 | 384 pp | ISBN 9781597190176 | PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket ebook $3.99 | ISBN 9781597190336

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 A Romantic Romp with the Fabulously Fat

When blonde, rubenesque paralegal Jenny Taylor is coaxed by her boss Lissa to a dance sponsored by the Midwestern chapter of RADFAm, a national fat advocacy organization, this wild new romantic world throws her into a spin. For within the group's gang of full-figured friends and their admirers lies the tantalizing chance for love and betrayal, couplings and contretemps. The well-rounded cast of suds-worthy singles includes:

Misty Shores, super-sized spiritual guide and entrepreneuse

Greg Dillman, Armani-armored chubby chaser on the prowl

Connie Donovan, a raven-tressed and roundly rumped fashion diva who mows a swath of spurned paramours

Paul Daily, a lanky teacher who learns more than he'd imagined about plump pretties,

and Joseph Rivera, a hunky sous chef who's forever seeking a BBW who measures up to his ideal.

It's robust, comic romance as Jenny and her friends flesh out the truth about soap opera: It's not just for the rich and slender. Taken from the online cyber-serial, Measure By Measure is a Tales of the City for the fat and fabulous!


Author Comments


In 1997 Bill & I introduced Measure By Measure as a serialized soap opera (a la the inestimable Mr. Maupin), developing and honing it over several years and countless hundreds of miles.

My aging, ailing mother was living alone, 50 miles away, and our near-weekly visits offered uninterrupted time for conversation, perfect for exploring this fat-topian fantasy.

As longtime supporters of the factual NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) organization, we'd captured remembrances of friends, conventions and events that helped flesh out our fictional characters with a Windy City flair. Bill and I cherished those scenic sojourns, even as we watched Mom struggle and fail. Measure became our creative respite from worry and despair.

Mom, you were always beautiful in my eyes, size 14 and beyond. But our of decades-old vestiges of your childhood size issues sprouted seeds of my own quarter-century of body-hatred.

I pray now that, in reading this story, mothers and daughters can break the chain of self-loathing and embrace their unique personal power. And maybe then your self-doubts can be exorcised as well.


There's not much I can add to Becky's words except to note that writing and rewriting this book with my lovely wife has been a heady experience.

Becky is my Jenny/Misty/Ann, and working with her on this sprawling saga has been elevating, maddening, energizing, and, ultimately, bonding.

It took a long time for this book to get finished, but I'm profoundly grateful that we both had that time.

PRAISE for Measure By Measure

 "This complex and fast-moving romantic adventure is filled with engaging, deftly rendered characters, suspense, humor, intrigue and poignancy: all the best a really good soap opera has to offer. During my savoring of the saga I lost track of the number of times I read aloud to others one of its apt insights, delightful phrasings or evocative descriptions. You may recognize people you have known (and perhaps yourselves) among its cast. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of these folks. I certainly hope not: I want to know what happens to them next! A sequel, please?"

Michael Markwell
San Francisco, CA

"...a lengthy but engaging story that lives up to its promise of being a soap opera in prose....The characters and plot show that within any culture lies the capacity to hate, malign, ostracize, and stigmatize....this is a totally unique type of story that I found both fascinating and very personal....It's real in its honesty about relationships and being fat, and gives those of us who have been there a nod in mainstream media."

Robin Kavanaugh


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