Lynne Murray
author of
Bride of the Living Dead
June 2010

The Falstaff Vampire Files
September 2011
& the Josephine Fuller mystery series:
Larger Than Death
July 2011
Large Target
January 2012

At Large
(coming 2013)
& A Ton of Trouble
(coming 2013)

The Josephine Fuller mystery series is being reprinted (and published in ebook format)
by Pearlsong Press. The series was originally published in paperback by St Martin's Press. The first novel in the series, Larger Than Death, was originally published in hardcover
by Orloff Press.

Lynne Murray

 Click here to listen to or download a 44-minute
Pearlsong Conversation with author Lynne Murray
in which she talks about her books, writing—and reading—
life-sized fiction, and the role of fat-positive novels
in empowering women
 (June 6, 2010).

Lynne Murray talks about The Falstaff Vampire Files

& other works (October 16, 2011 Pearlsong Conversation)

Praise for The Falstaff Vampire Files | Praise for Bride of the Living Dead | Praise for Lynne Murray & the Josephine Fuller mystery series

 Lynne Murray's website | Lynne Murray's author page | About Bride of the Living Dead  | Author's blog for Bride of the Living Dead  | Read an excerpt of BOTLD | BOTLD Media Kit (PDF) | About The Falstaff Vampire Files 
About Larger Than Death | About Large Target | About At Large | About A Ton of Trouble

Lynne Murray is the author of the award-winning Josephine Fuller, sleuth of size, mystery series. Her humorous essays, interviews and reviews have appeared in magazines and newspapers. She lives in San Francisco.  

From Lynne:

"I knew I wanted to write a novel featuring a fat heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude when the book hit the wall. I threw the novel I was reading when I reached a page where the book's heroine sneers at a fat character. It was one fat joke too many. I had to do something.

"I wasn't sure how to create a fat fictional character who refused to be ignored or disrespected. It turned out that what I had to do was to become a self-accepting woman of size in the process of writing about one.

"Larger Than Death, the first book in the mystery series featuring Josephine Fuller, a sleuth of size who doesn't apologize, won the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) Distinguished Achievement Award.

"In Bride of the Living Dead (Pearlsong Press, June 2010), I set out to write a romantic comedy about love and marriage. I conjured up a rebellious, plus-sized heroine whose idea of dressing up is wearing a monster movie T-shirt and jeans to go to the movies. Yet Bride of the Living Dead finds our heroine trapped into a formal wedding with her anorexic, perfectionist older sister planning the whole thing.

"My humorous short pieces have appeared in magazines and newspapers. Many of these articles, including the most fun one of all — an interview of Darlene Cates, star of What's Eating Gilbert Grape? — are available on my website at

"I came to San Francisco to go to SF State University. I received a B.A. in psychology, but also got captivated by the City and ended up staying. It was great fun using the San Francisco Bay Area as the perfect setting for a romantic comedy in Bride of the Living Dead. [The Bay Area is also the setting for The Falstaff Vampire Files.]

"I share an apartment with a small group of extremely mellow cats, who are all either rescued or formerly feral."


The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne MurrayBride of the Living Dead by Lynne MurrayLarger Than Death - Book 1 in the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne Murray


Large Target - Book 2 in the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne MurrayAt Large - Book 3 in the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne MurrayA Ton of Trouble - Book 4 of the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne Murray


Click here for the special offer when buying a copy of the Bride of the Living Dead paperback & one other Pearlsong Press paperback.

PRAISE for The Falstaff Vampire Files

"Can you really take Shakespeare and Stoker  and create something original? This book does! Although novices to the vampire and vampiric parody fields will find the work a laugh-a-minute, people who have some familiarity with Dracula  and works of Shakespeare will find this even more wonderful. Written in Dracula's journal style, but updated, the work name-drops like no one's business, is clever and punny, as well as extremely aware of the meta nature of vampiric literature. In addition, it adds new elements to the vampire mythos.
Fresh Fiction

"'Bring us your tired, your poor, your correctly bitten humans...'

"It isn't often that popular fiction can be favorably compared with works of great literature, but Lynne Murray has created one that will be. But The Falstaff Vampire Files is far more than just a clever tale. In these pages, Shakespearean strands wind threads that taste like Stoker, then twist 'round bright strings of tragic betrayal, dramatic speech, tender love, and comedic relief in just the right pattern. Falstaff documents three women's discovery of vampires in San Francisco. Instead of following a trite script or relying on cutout characters, however, Ms. Murray's story is refreshingly sweet. The truth is that I could not put it down,
 and I am certain that these characters will linger in my imagination for the foreseeable future. It's easily the best book I've read this year—or last—and it deserves a prominent spot on every woman's—everyone's—bookshelf."
Lauri J Owen
author of Fallen Embers & Blowing Embers
Books One & Two of The Embers Series

"WOW! Clear the decks before you start Lynne Murray's new novel The Falstaff Vampire Files, because you're simply  not going to want to put it down. A wonderfully fresh and original take on a genre grown somewhat stale, Murray takes us on a roller coaster ride with a no-nonsense heroine, a peripatetic coffin, and a Falstaffian vampire who is, well, Falstaff. Alternatively funny (who knew there were vampire lawyers? On second thought, it makes perfect sense!) and creepy (with truly scary entities from the spirit world that will have you peeking carefully around the curtains when things go bump in the night), with a little sexy romance thrown in for good measure, you're going to hate to see this story end. But when it does end, do yourself a big favor and check out Murray's earlier novels as well—beginning with Larger Than Death. You won't be disappointed.
John Miller
author of Jackson Street and Other Soldier Stories
(Winner, California Book Award for First Fiction)
Coyote Moon  Tropical Heat

"There is ample fun to be found in The Falstaff Vampire Files, which posits a cozy alliance of San Francisco humans and vampires against a far more evil force which equally terrifies them both. Lynne Murray's subtle, generous sense of humor and deft characterization skills result in a cast readers will feel happy having spent time with, particularly the vampire of the title, a refugee from Shakespearean times who turns out, in his own unkempt and boisterous way, to be every lonely single woman's fondest dream."
Andrew Fox
author of Fat White Vampire Blues,
Bride of the Fat White Vampire
& The Good Humor Man: Or, Calorie 3501

PRAISE for Bride of the Living Dead

"Anyone needing a laugh-out-loud romance full of lovable and real people need look no further."
Margaret Vickers

"In Lynne Murray's fabulous version of romance, lovers find true pleasure in all body sizes and shapes, wedding dresses are altered to fit the happy bride's body (not bride made to fit brocade), and readers feast on smart detail and smarter dialogue. When they make the movie of this book, Renee Zellweger won't need to alter her diet or her weight to get a part and viewers will scream with delight!"
Marilyn Wann,
author of FAT!SO?

"Bride of the Living Dead is an irresistible comedy that's got it all: a big, beautiful, witty heroine, true love, scary stalkers, reluctant in-laws and monster movie magic. Buy it, read it, laugh out loud and enjoy the heartfelt love story."
Jaqueline Girdner
author of the Kate Jasper & Cally Lazar mystery series

"Jane Austen meets the Marx Brothers. Lynne Murray has written a delightful comedy of manners with impeccable politics."
Laurie Toby Edison
Photographer, Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes

"From the start you will find yourself cheering for Daria as she overcomes hurdles such as a control-freak sister, his and her stalkers, and her own nagging self doubt, to marry her beloved Oscar. Bride of the Living Dead is a fun read about love, friendship and being true to yourself."

Sue Ann Jaffarian
author of the Odelia Grey mystery series
& The Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series

PRAISE for Lynne Murray & the Josephine Fuller series

 "Murray brings a refreshing approach to storytelling, developing realistic characters and believable relationships."
Booklist on Larger Than Death

"Written with a rare and entertaining clarity, and unique comic imagination."
San Francisco Examiner on Larger Than Death

"Finally! Great character, terrific concept. Josephine Fuller is...self-confident, self-accepting, strong. Wonderful!"
Kathleen Swanholt, editor of Mysterious Woman Newsletter, on Larger Than Death

"Josephine Fuller is truly a woman of substance: wry, perceptive, richly alive, and unapologetically independent."
Marilyn Wallace, author of Lost Angel, on Larger Than Death

"Lynne Murray has developed a bold and gritty heroine. The fresh, sassy voices of both Jo Fuller and her creator are welcome additions to the mystery shelves."
Selma Eichler, author of Murder Can Wreck Your Reunion, on Larger Than Death

"Larger Than Death has more twists and turns than the curves of its amply endowed heroine. Delicious reading!"
Cheri K. Erdman, author of Nothing to Lose & Live Large!

"With plenty of action & a bit of humor thrown in, Large Target provides plenty of XXL entertainment."
Rocky Mountain News on Large Target

"This modern mystery makes for a fun, fast read."
Mode Magazine, April 2000, on Large Target

"Jo is highly likable and finely drawn."
The Washington Times on Large Target

"Make room for Josephine Fuller, a private investigator who is a woman of substance in more ways than one."
BBW Magazine on Large Target

"Large Target is an enjoyable novel of murder and mayhem."
Romantic Times on Large Target

"Investigator Josephine Fuller is a large woman, but no challenge is too big for her."
The Oklahoman on At Large

"At Large is filled with hilarious dialogue, comfortable old friends and a great love triangle. Grab a cup of tea, sit in front of the fireplace, and follow Jo as she sets out to solve this latest puzzle."
BBW Magazine on At Large

"Josephine Fuller charms the reader with her wry, self-deprecating humor and her passionate defense of the underdog."
Donna Andrews, author of Murder with Peacocks, on At Large

"This one is a winner, the kind of read you don't want to put down unless the house is on fire."
Lee Matindale, Rump Parliament Magazine, on At Large

"A large dose of fun carefully entwined in a rip-snorting mystery."
Crescent Blue online review on At Large

"Typical good humor and panache."
Publisher's Weekly on A Ton of Trouble

"Frequent humor, a titillating subject matter, and crazy characters guarantee a good time for readers of this fourth Josephine Fuller mystery."
Library Journal on A Ton of Trouble

"Both size and sass...Jo's dinner with Ambrose, the elegant gay assistant to her wealthy employer, is itself worth the price of admission."
Booklist on A Ton of Trouble

"A Ton of Trouble is a ton of fun."
Midwest Book Review on A Ton of Trouble


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