Make Peace with Yourself
by Kelly Bliss

The following article was published in fitness professional Kelly Bliss's e-newsletter
in 2004 and is reprinted here with her permission.

It is happening all over the country. Every time you turn on the radio or TV, every time you open a newspaper or magazine, you hear about the “War on Obesity.”

Can you feel the increasing fear? Can you hear the buzz of stress as plus size people increase their anxiety over their weight? Can you feel the anger toward large people for existing, taking up space, and using resources?

Unfortunately, I can. As I work with people building healthy lifestyles, I see the casualties of the “War on Obesity.”

Large people are learning to hate their own bodies more. Smaller people feel entitled to hate others' large bodies. The war and hate are palpable. It seems more like a “war on obese people."

All of this negativity makes it harder for people to live healthy lives. The stress of this war makes it harder to succeed at self-care.

I propose that we END the “War on Obese People” and BEGIN “A Campaign for Healthy Eating and Fitness for ALL People, of ALL Sizes.”

I wish that we would focus on the actions of healthy living, not body size. If we shift the focus onto our actions instead of our size, then every body CAN succeed at the actions of self-care! We can directly affect our actions. Our ability to affect our size is much more complicated and indirect.

This national ‘War on Obesity’ has casualties of all ages, but I am most concerned about the children. Plus size kids are being targeted and teased at increasing rates. Thin kids are given the dangerous message that, as long as they are thin, they are healthy. I want to reach out to all people, young and old, large and small and say:


No matter what size you are, EVERY BODY needs to eat healthy and get moving!

If you want to help yourself, help the kids around you, and help end the war on obese people, then stop hating your body and start taking care of yourself. You deserve your care!

Take Care,

Kelly Bliss

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The plus size world is BIG enough for all of us!

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