Hiking the Pack Line: Moving from Grief to a Joyful Life by Bonnie ShapbellHiking the Pack Line
Moving from Grief to a Joyful Life
Bonnie M. Shapbell
March 2013

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 166 pp ISBN 9781597190671 $16.95 
Ebook ISBN 9781597190688

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"I am writing this because I am a widow.
That means my husband died, but I did not die."

Before Bonnie Shapbell's husband died, he made her promise she would be OK. She kept that promise, rebuilding a joyful life without him while cherishing her memories. Now she offers a helping hand to those on a similar journey. Hiking the Pack Line provides practical advice and a workbook section for those who want to create—or re-create—lives that nourish them after devastating loss. Foreword by clinical psychologist & publisher Peggy Elam, Ph.D.

Hiking the Pack Line: Moving from Grief to a Joyful Life by Bonnie M. Shapbell 


"Written by a 'take charge of your own life' woman,
this upbeat book walks you through the loss of a spouse,
partner, beloved friend, or even a bad divorce.
Great reading and very useful workbook!"

Donna Potrykus
former publisher of Owls Magazine

“I first met Bonnie shortly after she lost Jan
and was just at the beginning of figuring out her life.
Both her pain and her determination to rebuild her life were evident then,
and watching her succeed in making a new life over the years has been inspiring.
I love the mix of personal sharing, encouragement, and very practical advice in her book.
The addition of the workbook gives her readers that next step,
that understanding of how to turn the book's advice into action,
that is so often lacking. I hope anyone, both men and women,
who are struggling with this major change finds the book
and gives themselves the time not only to read it,
but to work through the exercises.”


Marian Marbury

Adventures in Good Company



Hiking the Pack Line: Moving from Grief to a Joyful Life by Bonnie M. Shapbell

"Bonnie Shapbell has not merely written a book.
Rather, she has shared from the depths of her inner being.
She has shared from her pain, her anguish, and her healing.
She has done this while keeping her true target audience in mind:
The heart of her reader."

Robert Campbell
Nashville, TN


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