Bride of the Living Dead by Lynne Murray - trade paperback coverBride of the Living Dead
Lynne Murray
June 2010

Original trade paperback  $18.95 ISBN 9781597190206 
242 pp | Ebook $4.99 ISBN 9781597190329

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Bride of the Living Dead new ebook cover"I hate weddings. If you had an older sister like Sky, you would too. Sky was perfect. Her wedding was perfect. It almost killed her.

"I'm Daria, the rebellious indie film critic, the fat sister. Nobody expected me to get married. Eight years after Sky's wedding, the rose petal perfection of it all still hung cover me like a mocking pink cloud. Not that I didn't have a love life -- or at least a sex life -- but I'll talk about the Worst Boyfriend Awards later."

San Francisco indie indie film critic Daria MacClellan is most comfortable in a monster movie poster T-shirt and blue jeans. Yet when she falls in love and plans to marry, family drama hijacks her engagement and she's trapped into a formal wedding with her perfectionist, anorexic sister, Sky, planning the whole thing. Daria adores her fiance, but her wedding seems to be spiraling into a horror film. Will the spectre of a picture perfect wedding turn her into the Bride of the Living Dead?

Bride of the Living Dead ebook cover

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Click here to listen to or download a 44-minute Pearlsong Conversation with author Lynne Murray in which she talks about her books, writing—and reading—life-sized fiction, and the role of fat-positive novels in empowering women.

Termination Interview by Lynne MurrayGet a free autographed first edition hardcover of Lynne Murray's 1988 novel Termination Inteview when you buy the trade paperback of Bride of the Living Dead and one other Pearlsong Press trade paperback from the Pearlsong Press website store.

The Road to Life-Sized Fiction by Lynne MurrayWe will also include with your purchase a 12-page booklet containing Lynne's essay "The Road to Life-Sized Fiction."



PRAISE for Bride of the Living Dead


"HOLY MATRIMONY! Who is Lynne Murray and how does she keep writing such great novels?
If you're not laughing almost as soon as you start reading this book it may be a sign
that you're among the living dead yourself (in which case slide on over and pick up
Murray's latest, The Falstaff Vampire Files). Seriously, folks, this is one funny novel.
Do yourself a favor and move this one up to the top of your reading list—
the collected works of Satre can wait while you bring a little sunshine into your life."
jam172 Amazon review

"As a rom com, the novel has eveything you'd expect—cute, fun, light, hilarious moments
 and lots of romance. What I love most about this book is that the focus of the book is not on Daria bemoaning her weight. Yes, we know of it. Yes, it is referenced—by Daria and other characters. But the story is about a sassy girl who meets the man of her dreams, falls in love, and has to jump hurdles and crazy situations to make it to her I DO.
Don't think it gets better than that."
Amazon Customer review

"Reading a Lynne Murray book is like going to a hall in which
the very best kind of comedy reigns from morning to night,
and your favorite beverages and foods are always available....
Women of size and those who believe that beauty and comedy come in
all shapes and sizes will embrace Daria and her wonderfully curved voyage
toward marrying an adoring man whom she finds hotter than a shining star,
and who feels so very much the same about her,
her sharp wit and her loveliness of body and mind."
Fern Ghauri

"Anyone needing a laugh-out-loud romance full of lovable and real people
need look no further."
Margaret Vickers

"In Lynne Murray's fabulous version of romance, lovers find true pleasure in all body sizes and shapes, wedding dresses are altered to fit the happy bride's body (not bride made to fit brocade), and readers feast on smart detail and smarter dialogue. When they make the movie of this book, Renee Zellweger won't need to alter her diet or her weight to get a part and viewers will scream with delight!"
Marilyn Wann
author of FAT!SO?

"Bride of the Living Dead is an irresistible comedy that's got it all: a big, beautiful, witty heroine, true love, scary stalkers, reluctant in-laws and monster movie magic. Buy it, read it, laugh out loud and enjoy the heartfelt love story."
Jaqueline Girdner
author of the Kate Jasper & Cally Lazar mystery series

"Jane Austen meets the Marx Brothers. Lynne Murray has written a delightful comedy of manners with impeccable politics."
Laurie Toby Edison
Photographer, Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes

"From the start you will find yourself cheering for Daria as she overcomes hurdles such as a control-freak sister, his and her stalkers, and her own nagging self doubt, to marry her beloved Oscar. Bride of the Living Dead is a fun read about love, friendship and being true to yourself."
Sue Ann Jaffarian
author of the Odelia Grey mystery series
& The Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series


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