At Long Last, Love: A Collection by Judy BagshawAt Long Last, Love
A Collection
Judy Bagshaw
April 2007

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Big beautiful―and in some cases mature―heroines grace the pages of this collection of romantic short stories by Judy Bagshaw. Among the offerings:

Jen believes fat girls like her don't find love—but at her best friend's wedding her beliefs are put to the test.

Middle-aged widow Tricia thought she had to be content living solo. Then she met Harry.

Bev ran away with the "bad boy" as a teenager, only to find out that fantasy and reality are vastly different. Twenty years later, can she recapture the love she threw away?

Lori has long fantasized about meeting sexy-voiced Dan, one of her clients at the answering service. Will she break the rules and find true love?

Karen has kissed a lot of frogs, but not yet met her prince. A chance encounter might change her life―if she's willing to throw caution to the wind.

Author's Note from At Long Last, Love

Welcome to the shiny new edition of At Long Last, Love, my collection of short stories featuring big beautiful—and in some cases slightly more mature—heroines. Along with the new publisher and the new cover, this edition includes another story, making an even dozen romantic tales for your enjoyment.
These are heroines you’ll recognize because they are real women like you and me. They have busy lives and character flaws. They make mistakes and have regrets. They long for love and have suffered hurts. But they persevere. And in the stories in this collection they find the love they’ve been looking for, sometimes where they least expect it.
 As a reader myself, I was frustrated for years by the lack of stories that reflected the reality of my physical existence. I knew from experience that romance didn’t have a dress size, so why wasn’t I seeing full-figured women represented in popular romantic fiction? I decided to address that lack, and this collection is part of the result.
 I hope you enjoy each and every story.
 Judy Bagshaw

Canadian author Judy Bagshaw is a woman with a mission and a unique vision. She has lived all of her life as a plus-size person in a thin-obsessed world. As a full-time elementary schoolteacher for more than two decades, she personally witnessed the effect this thin obsession has had on many of her young, impressionable students. She has also recognized the need for people of size to see themselves represented in the media as more than the butt of jokes, the villain, or the jolly sidekick. To this end, Judy's romantic short stories and novels often feature plus-sized central characters living rich, involved lives just as she has.

 PRAISE for At Long Last, Love

"...delightful....A great little book. A speedy and heartwarming read."

Charlene Martel
The Literary Word blog

"Judy Bagshaw has written a charming anthology of romance stories about real-life, everyday women that are often overlooked because they do not fit the Hollywood image. AT LONG LAST, LOVE is a collection of romantic beginnings for large lovely ladies and the men they love."

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