Violet Crown by K.C. LittletonViolet Crown
A Dr. Hedy Villarreal Novel
K.C. Littleton
November 2017

 Original trade paperback | 350 pp | $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-59719-089-3

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ISBN: 978-1-59719-090-9
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Meet Dr. Hedwig (Hedy) Villarreal in her own words:

"Hello there. I'm Hedy, criminal psychologist and certified nasty woman -- forty-something, fat-assed, foul-mouthed, and still trying to figure out how to build a life for myself two years after the death of my beloved Christine.

"When I woke up this morning I was living on a beach in South Texas, working with the DEA as a consulting profiler. By lunch I was in protective custody, discovering that there's a black ops unit operating out of my family's property in the Texas Hill Country. By dinner I'd agreed to profile and recruit mercenaries for this not-quite-legal enterprise. Oh, and my new best friend is a muscle-bound sex-SEAL with fangs and hair that rattles.

"It's been a bit of a day.

"And I'm beginning to wonder what they're not telling me."

Ger ready for rollicking action and adventure with a sexually liberal fatass with the vocabulary and nerd tattoos of a well-educated sailor.

PRAISE for Violet Crown

This book is a must read if you are looking for a quick escape with a witty and intelligent female lead...I love the places the book takes you both in terms of the development of each character and the beautiful areas around Texas...I especially like how she puts an internal soundtrack in each chapter. Now I want to go and create a new playlist. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

Tajauna Treadway
Amazon review

I read for pleasure. I want to be entertained. I want to lose myself in the story. This book did all of that and had me devoting my bedtime, lunch hour, any spare moment I had to continue reading -- it was that intriguing.

Amazon review 

I LOVE THIS BOOK!! Very colorful and descriptive, bringing me right into the story! I appreciate leaving the real world at the door as I get lost in the world of Dr. Hedy Villarreal! She's a bad @$$ MF-er! Hats off to the author! Can't wait for the rest of the series!!

Amazon customer
Amazon review

Amazing new book. Couldn't put it down once I got into the rhythm of the story. Really looking forward to the next chapter in the world of Hedy Villarreal.

Amazo review


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