Romance, adventure, suspense, magical realism & literary fiction
come in all sizes and ages in the books below.
Click on titles to go to webpages with full information,
excerpts & buying links. Enjoy!

Violet Crown
by K.C. Littleton

by Leslie Moïse

by Tracey L. Thompson

Syd Arthur
by Ellen Frankel

The Singing of Swans  |  Heretics: A Love Story
by Mary Saracino

Once Upon Another Time | Adam & Evelyn | ASAP Nanny: A Novella | Dangerous Love  | The Best Man  | Abigail's Revenge  | A Worthy Heir  | His Brother's Child  | Nobody's Perfect  | Wanted: One Groom | Dangerous Curves Ahead: Short Stories
by Pat Ballard, Queen of Rubenesque Romance

The Falstaff Vampire Files  | Bride of the Living Dead  |  Josephine Fuller Mysteries: Larger Than Death (Book 1), Large Target (Book 2), At Large (Book 3), A Ton of Trouble (Book 4)
by Lynne Murray

The FatLand Trilogy: FatLand: A Novel (Volume I), FatLand: The Early Days (Volume II)
by Frannie Zellman

The Embers Series: Fallen Embers (Book 1), Blowing Embers (Book 2)
by Lauri J Owen

The Program  |The Fat Lady Sings
by Charlie Lovett

Kiss Me, Nate! | At Long Last, Love: A Collection
by Judy Bagshaw

all number of trade paperback books by Judy that were originally published by Electric eBook Publishing & Treeside Press of Canada and are now out of print. These copies of Lady Blue, Love By the Pound & Teacher's Pet are autographed by Judy & offered for sale by us only through the Pearlsong Press retail store.

The Giving Season
by Rebecca Brock

Measure By Measure
by Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

The Season of Lost Children
by Karen Blomain

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