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Jack Adler | Judy Bagshaw  | Pat Ballard  | Kathy Barron | Karen Blomain Rebecca Brock | Barbara D'Souza | Fat Poets' SocietyRebecca Fox & William Sherman  | Maria Famà |  Ellen Frankel | Bette J. Freedson |  Durette Hauser | Anne S. Kaplan | Deb Lemire | K.C. Littleton | Charlie Lovett Corinna Makris | Louise Mathewson  |  Lonie McMichael | Leslie Moïse | Lynne Murray | Lauri J Owen | Lesleigh J. Owen | Eileen Rosensteel Mary Saracino  | Deah Schwartz | Bonnie Shapbell | M.M. Stein | Michele Tamaren & Michael Wittner | Tracey L. Thompson Pattie Thomas & Carl Wilkerson  |  Anne Richardson Williams | Linda C. Wisniewski | Mary Ray Worley | Frannie Zellman


Barabara D'Souza


Barbara D'Souza













K.C. Littleton
K.C. Littleton


Maria Fama and her cat Skeeter


Maria Famà















Bette J. Freedson


Bette J. Freedson



Bonnie Shapbell Bonnie Shapbell









  Tracey L. Thompson


Tracey L. Thompson




Lonie McMichael

 Lonie McMichael, Ph.D.













Michele TamarenMichael WittnerLeslie Moïse, Ph.D.


    Michele Tamaren         Michael Wittner              Leslie Moïse, Ph.D. 


Karen BlomainLauri J OwenLynne Murray


    Karen Blomain                  Lauri J Owen                   Lynne Murray

Rebecca BrockRebecca Fox and William ShermanFrannie Zellman


Rebecca Brock     Rebecca Fox & William Sherman   

Frannie Zellman


Fat Poets' Society: Kathy Barron, Anne S. Kaplan, Corinna Makris, Lesleigh Owen & Frannie Zellman


The Fat Poets' Society (CW from top left): Corrina Makris,
Lesleigh J. Owen, Kathy Barron, Frannie Zellman & Anne S. Kaplan,
authors ofFat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society. (CW from bottom left): M.M. Stein, Frannie Zellman, Anne S. Kaplan, Eileen Rosensteel, Durette Hauser, Deb Lemire, Mary Ray Worley, Lesleigh Owen, Dr. Deah Schwartz & Kathy Barron, authors of Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly.

Authors of Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly


Charlie LovettLinda C. WisniewskiJack Adler


      Charlie Lovett              Linda C. Wisniewski                   Jack Adler

Judy BagshawPat BallardEllen Frankel


     Judy Bagshaw                 Pat Ballard                      Ellen Frankel


Mary SaracinoPattie Thomas, Ph.D. & Carl Wilkerson, M.B.A.Anne Richardson Williams



     Mary Saracino                Pattie Thomas, Ph.D.                Anne R. Williams
                                           & Carl Wilkerson, M.B.A.


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