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Flying On Invisible Wings by Felix Garmendia

Flying On Invisible Wings
Félix Garmendía

If We Were Snowflakes by Barbara D'Souza
If We Were Snowflakes
by Barbara D'Souza

Violet Crown by K.C. Littleton
Violet Crown: A Dr. Hedy Villarreal Novel 
by K.C. Littleton 

Other Nations by Maria Fama

Other Nations:
An Animal Journal
Maria Famà



Soul Mothers' Wisdom by Bette J. Freedson Adam & Evelyn by Pat BallardOnce Upon Another Time by Pat BallardHeretics: A Love Story by Mary SaracinoFat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly edited by Frannie Zellman  

Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother by Bette J. Freedson

Adam & Evelyn 
by Pat Ballard | Once Upon Another Time by Pat Ballard

Heretics: A Love Story by Mary Saracino

Fat Poets Speak 2: Living and Loving Fatly edited by Frannie Zellman

Judith by Leslie MoiseA Ton of Trouble - Volume 4 of the Josephine Fuller mystery series by Lynne murrayKiss Me, Nate! by Judy BagshawHiking the Pack Line: Moving from Grief to a Joyful Life by Bonnie ShapbellAcceptable Prejudice? Fat, Rhetoric and Social Justice by Lonie McMichael, Ph.D.FatLand: The Early Days - Volume II of The FatLand Trilogy by Frannie Zellman






ASAP Nanny Kindle exclusive novella by Pat Ballard
 Judith by Leslie Moïse | A Ton of Trouble & At Large by Lynne Murray | Kiss Me, Nate! by Judy Bagwell | Hiking the Pack Line by Bonnie Shapbell  |  Acceptable Prejudice? & Talking Fat by Lonie McMichael, Ph.D. | FatLand: The Early Days by Frannie Zellman | ASAP Nanny by Pat Ballard | 
Fatropolis by Tracey L. Thompson | A Life Interrupted by Louise Mathewson | ExtraOrdinary by Michele Tamaren & Michael Wittner



ExtraOrdinary: An End of Life Story Without End

Talking Fat: Health vs. Persuasion in the War on Our Bodies

A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury

Fatropolis by Tracey L. Thompson

At Large by Lynne Murray - Book 3 of the Josephine Fuller mystery series






Love is the Thread by Leslie Moïse, Ph.D. | The Fat Lady Sings by Charlie Lovett  (Young Adult) | The Season of Lost Children by Karen Blomain | The Falstaff Vampire Files, Bride of the Living Dead, Larger Than Death & Large Target by Lynne Murray  |  Syd Arthur by Ellen Frankel  | Dangerous Love by Pat Ballard | Fallen Embers & Blowing Embers by Lauri J Owen  | The Giving Season by Rebecca Brock 

Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship

The Fat Lady Sings by Charlie LovettThe Falstaff Vampire FilesSyd ArthurDangerous LoveThe Season of Lost Children by Karen BlomainBride of the Living DeadLarge Target: Book 2 of the Josephine Fuller mystery seriesLarger Than Death: Book 1 of the Josephine Fuller mystery series The Giving Season Fallen Embers: Book 1 of The Embers Series Blowing Embers: Book 2 of The Embers Series Measure By Measure FatLand Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society The Program 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are) Off Kilter: A Woman's Journey to Peace with Scoliosis, Her Mother, & Her Polish Heritage  The Best Man At Long Last, Love: A Collection Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds  The Singing of Swans Beyond Measure: A Memoir About Short Stature & Inner Growth Taking Up Space: How Eating Well & Exercising Regularly Changed My Life Unconventional Means: The Dream Down Under

Wanted: One Groom by Pat Ballard - new coverAbigail's RevengeA Worthy Heir by Pat Ballard - new coverHis Brother's Child by Pat Ballard - new coverNobody's Perfect by Pat Ballard - new cover 





Dangerous Curves Ahead new cover

Measure By Measure by Rebecca Fox & William Sherman | FatLand by Frannie Zellman | Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society by Kathy Barron, Anne S. Kaplan, Corinna Makris, Lesleigh J. Owen & Frannie Zellman | The Program by Charlie Lovett | 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are), The Best ManAbigail's Revenge, A Worthy Heir, His Brother's Child, Nobody's Perfect, Wanted: One Groom, Dangerous Curves AheadSomething to Think About by Pat Ballard |Off Kilter by Linda C. Wisniewski | The Best Man by Pat Ballard | At Long Last, Love by Judy Bagshaw | Splendid Seniors by Jack Adler |  The Singing of Swans by Mary Saracino | Beyond Measure by Ellen Frankel | Taking Up Space by Pattie Thomas with Carl Wilkerson | Unconventional Means by Anne Richardson Williams

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Peggy Elam, Ph.D.
Pearlsong Press

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The Queen of Rubenesque Romances' Body Love Package

Pat Ballard's Peace Treaty with My Body in
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 Q & A on Size Diversity by Miriam Berg,
 President of the Council on Size & Weight

 Tips for Fighting Fat Stigma 
by Pattie Thomas, Ph.D. &  Veronica Cook-Euell, M.A., P.H.R.


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